The APOSTLE Fractal

The APOSTLE Fractal is the longtime collaboration between Don Howatt and Steve Montague. Started in 1979, when Don was still in high school, and Steve was new to Portland after having escaped the LA club scene, were introduced by a mutual friend who realized they both had an interest in recording. A working relationship quickly evolved producing early homemade albums of original music, with Don playing drums and guitars, and Steve handling bass and the technical side. Their writing and recording skills quickly advanced from basic rock tracks to very complex progressive compositions. A live band was also formed, which included Don’s very talented cousin, Nancy Fisher, on keyboards, and a roster of available drummers. After a few years of staging several complicated one-shot live concerts, while successful, Don and Steve realized their real strength was in the studio. These days, they both have fully functional recording spaces in their homes, and continue to make epic and thought invoking music that covers a wide range of styles and genre, and which include detailed accompanying videos.
Don Howatt Self taught on guitars, drums, and keyboards, he is the lead writer of the beautiful and complex music, and the thoughtful and challenging lyrics for which The Apostle Fractal is known. Don is also a skilled producer, arranger and graphic artist, much of which is evident on the band’s albums. Born and raised in Oregon, he currently lives in the Portland area with his wife.
Steve Montague Now retired from live performance, but still very active in music, Steve supports the local scene by providing location video and recording services for free, and occasionally hosts touring bands on their Portland stops. Steve is a widower.
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