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The APOSTLE Fractal- 
Don Howatt and Steve Montague.
True to the classic APOSTLE sound, but arrive with a Y2K compliant twist. LUSH textures and flavors.  PROG meets ENYA, meets (Fill in the Blank). METAL to Metheny. Pop to Prokofiev, but it soon gives way to that trademark under-and-over-stated APOSTLE sound with turn-on-a-dime rhythm changes, impossible drum parts and mind-numbing Guitar and Bass riffs.  It wouldn't be APOSTLE without Don‘s sleepy vocal stylings, just tucked barely under the covers, and that graceful grit of Steve‘s precise Bass maneuverings. A tip of the hat to the best of the Art-Rock bands, as well as a lifetime of influences.  Two guys morf into a Full-On Rock Orchestra.



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a diverse pallet of a classical guitar concerto, lush soundscapes, and full on guitar driven rock. From beginning to end Victims is a crescendo of layers and textures.

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